Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maybe Cami would've enjoyed a little sister?

photos by Cam

The last Harvest

It's great to be 8 and CTR

I love you Andrew! We are well pleased with your choices.

D's family visited!!

a different pace

Camilla decides that it would be a good idea to visit Nana.
I tell her that she can talk to her on the phone, but I am doing laundry today.
Nana says, "hello? Is this Cami? Are you coming to visit me?"
"Yes", Cami says and ten minutes later we are in the car.
"I need to pick some flowers for Nana" We zoom past yellow roadside blooms.
We are not in a hurry after all so we stop on the side of the road- 3 times.

 "Train! train!" Instead of crossing we slow down so that we can wait behind the lowered bar, flashing lights and dinging while a very long train with all the different kinds of cars passes us.
We turn off the AC and lower all the windows so that we can hear and feel the powerful chugging.

"Goodbye train! bye! bye!" 
We musn't leave until it is beyond the reach of our stretched little necks and carseated bodies. 

There is so much more in my life when I shorten my stride to match little legs.

date night at the vinyard