Friday, January 25, 2013

House update

Still hauling off trash. Spencer wants so much to be big and strong- and well, he is for such a little guy. Ceiling is in the process of being stained white and the kitchen cabinets are sloooowly arriving. Fingers crossed for this weekend. Oh, and bookshelves are built.

Up to date

We are finally caught up. This is about where things stand these days. That is the master bath and what is no longer left of the squinshiest shower almost ever. Last minute decision to let it go. Of course this means that move in date will be pushed further out.

Happy birthday me

A Boy in my primary class shares the same birthday asme so I took him this cake. It really m are my day. Start out extra special thinking about someone else. I want to do that more often. We took every opportunity to stick candles in things and sing to me and blow out candles. Isn't that what birthdays are all about after all? My parents surprised me with a picnic out oat the work site, Nathan ate that chicken drumstick like nobody's business. The cupcakes were full of fruit- yummy. To end the day mark took me out to dinner a movie and frozen yogurt. Fish tacos- again yum! 32 has never tasted so good.

Library love

My library den needs a window seat, desk and bookshelves of course. Help from dad and brother Michael.

House update-fresh face

New exterior trim- I think it makes the house happier, a little like an extra smile. Black. Stained front doors. Not too happy with the product I used. Very happy with the stained slump stone pillars. Fresh face indeed. I can't wait till we have the trim painted white.

Colby's visit

The crane

And two new units, new return air, and ducts. Of course the kids loved it.

Papa's chicken farm

New chicks