Monday, October 29, 2012

Yep, we are THAT incredible- and so are the people at this party.

let the demolition begin

This anniversary present will be hard to beat.
keys to our new home.
To be sure I will be posting pics as we go- but be sure to tune in to the before and afters a couple months down the line.  We are cleaning it up, ridding it of smells, dirt, cobwebs (you name it and a little more), tack strip and base boards gone (carpet was already removed), striping wallpaper, and the kitchen is gone! pretty good for a first weekend project.  It's a good thing we have so many helpers (most of them pretty little still, but with big muscles)

sppoky mini golf and anniversary cheesecake factory dinner

yumm- in all caps- like said really emphatically 

celebrating 6 years.

"Nae nae" as spence calls him

new pastime for Nate - emptying kitchen cabinets

view from my kitchen window

Spooky times at Nana's for lunch