Wednesday, March 28, 2012

happy birthday to our favorite neighbor!

Today our day was filled with making birthday signs, picking and juicing oranges for our birthday cake, picking out photos for a birthday slideshow, and decorating for a birthday party.  The kids loved it! I loved that we were all busy thinking about someone else and had no time to feel sorry for ourselves or fight with each other.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mudpie Kitchen

everyone needs a mud pie kitchen
and they should keep it busy
sometimes you can make donuts
or bake little brothers in the oven
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loving every minute of them! (ok, pretty darn close to every minute)

both the kids love their brother
Being surrounded by nearly full bloom 
brings out different things in all of us 
we dig a little deeper 
climb a little higher 
try new things 
our toes yearn to create our own sandy beaches 
that sometimes do not survive the big waves 
that is their sandbox 
we know the lazy days of summer are upon us 
what am I talking about? 
all of our days are pretty much lazy 
I am loving every minute 
and every detail  
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Lucky or Blessed?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lucky or Blessed?

to celebrate, we wore green
all of us
because Nate was given a st. patty's day shirt.
to kill some timeto enjoy each other's company
and play with mama's camera
we took some photo booth timer pictures.
No attempt was made to get everybody in one shot
though I am slightly jealous of other another Freeman family's recent pics
If I didn't hate really dislike having my picture taken
we might could get some decent family picture
either way
I feel lucky and oh so Blessed!


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