Saturday, December 31, 2011

Z is for zoobilation!

Another regular weekly event for us- turned fun and exciting when we have family to share it with. I view Christmas as a season and family one of the most important traditions of the seasons. I have been blessed to be part of a wonderful extended family on all sides! I am grateful for their love and support and for the knowledge and peace that the gospel of Jesus Christ gives me of eternal families!
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our own little park

Our own little park, aka. Grandma's yard, has been filled with cousins now for weeks. It is part of our daily and year round routine, but never is it been loved more than when it is filled with a dozen other giggle motors to play with. It will be a sad day when we don't get to wake up to rush over to see the "friend cousins".
On another note, Spencer is seems very mechanical minded and interested in all of my tools, buttons, noises and projects. He is my little helper. Putting screws in predrilled holes can keep him occupied for what seems like hours (we're taking toddler time table = at least 20 minutes)!
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34 weeks pregnant

Apparently not everybody makes their doctor's visits family affairs, but I do and I love it. Mark is a trooper to help contain our toddlers and my Doctor is awesome! We are pretty happy with Kaiser because of her. I wish she could be my kid's doctor too. When we met I was pregnant (obviously) with Spencer and she was also expecting her second. We delivered within days of each other being at the hospital at the same time. She is knowledgeable, kind, patient and personable AND lets Camilla play doctor. What more could I want?
I probably do way more than my share of complaining about my gestational glucose intolerance and the "good for me diabetic diet and excercise program" they have me on (it's really not that bad- but hard to do during the holidays when so many traditions revolve around food- yummy food). It has made me more aware of other people and situations when it comes to food.
I have gained 12 pounds so far and I measure on the "petite" side so Doc has ordered another growth measuring ultrasound for me- Though she pushed for a same day apt.; we will go in on monday (without the kids) and I will not worry about it until then.
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Birds of a feather

We enjoy and look forward to going to the dairy-o for our preschool playdates with Colby and Maci. Today we read an all around favorite, "Are You My Mother?", colored cute sized clothespins transforming them into mother birds who then had to pull up pipe cleaner worms from the dirt. Be careful not to feed your hungry baby birds any dirt! We saw the new Christmas chicks, fed the big chickens, and gathered eggs. I now have some beautiful brown eggs waiting in my fridge to be blown and added to my collection! While playing outside we also discovered trees full of nests and tiny feathers on the ground (added to Cami's purse of treasures). Cami and Colby are as different as well, a boy and a girl- but play very well together most of the time. Todays good temperment even allowed for a Primary planning and organizing my thoughts meeting. The whole ride home in the car- Camilla chatted on her phone about the morning's activities listing each thing and exclaiming how fun it was and thank you very much. Not sure if she was talking to Callie or Colby or the birds?

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