Thursday, November 22, 2012

weekend with 5 kids

Break Time

 We wake up, eat breakfast and go out to work on our new house every day but Sunday.
 We stay there until the sun tells us there won't be much light left to work by.
 The kids are so very good and patient most of the time so that both Mark and I can work.
 They entertain themselves in our new yard- which I love!
 Both that they entertain themselves and the yard- we bought the house for the property.
 The location, the space, the freedom, the diy spirit we both have and the great deal.
 The other day though the kids began to get tired and needy.
 I stopped to spend some time with them- to take a break.
 "It's time for a break", I say "What do you want to do Cami?"
 "Let"s take pictures!!" She answers.
 Here I was thinking they didn't like me following them around with my camera.
 We clicked away and giggled as we looked at the funny faces we had made.
 This is the way Spencer sometimes shows his big muscles.
 Oh, I love my babies! I love being their Mother even though I don't love all the things that go with it.
Sweet, sweet little people.  Thank you for helping me remember to take a break.