Monday, July 23, 2012

my twirling ladybug

pioneer children sometimes sing as they walk or ride or eat

1st sleepover

we learned... that no matter how many beds you make up  
 princesses will fall asleep together reading rupunzel
 that pancakes take longer to make when everyone needs a turn flipping
 that each princess needs a mickey mouse pancake

 that Spencer is glad to have Grandma nearby when there is too much princessing going on
 that sandboxes and trucks turn into a gourmet kitchen
 that we don't have 2 of everything in pink or purple and sometimes sharing can be hard
 but it is easy to be friends again
 that we can all be the princess in the show and the other one does not have to be the frog
 that Spencer is glad to have a little brother growing up soon
 that Raggys need a rag doll of their own and they love tea partys
oh, and also that if you get dressed in purple pants and notice that your friend is wearing a pink dress- you had better look in your closet for a pink dress to match.

how do you say more splash in Chinese?