Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Boys!

I love my boys! I have been sandwiched between them my whole life
and consider myself very lucky because of it.
We ate some crepe cakes together for family home evening,
sang to them, and played with their birthday presents.
Can you tell whos who in the pics?
good face warmers, great disguises, and awesome sports to let me post their pictures!
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trampolines and forklifts...

...Some of the loves of life.
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

the Big Freeze

An evening full of prep work
and a full day of standing in the kitchen
(pregnant feet did not love that part)
made me feel good
the 30+ meals in our freezer should get us through
the next 3 months most likely
this time I followed the plan outlined by
onceamonthmom.com- whole foods menu
I may try out making a freezing baby foods
i think it would be better to do this with at least one someone else
my children were angels and very suportive
one more things checked off the baby bucket list
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Now that's using your smeller!

We've all got noses

and it's high time we put them to use

what does it smell like? can you guess?

we can even spice paint smells (it smells better after the glue dries)

Spencer was more opinionated about his smells

he knows which are to eat and which he'd rather not have near his nose

There are always fun things to do-
they in no way wanted to leave this time
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bringing in the New Year

Yes, I believe in resolutions.

I resolve to be better on January 1st.
I resolve on the 16th (birthday).
and on the chinese new year,
and each valentine's day,
or really any day that I have a chance to be better than last year.

The chinese invented the kite and dominoes.
Cami mostly likes building castles with them-
and we use them to work on colors and numbers-
this time we did a dragon.

The year of the Dragon is going to be a very promising year.

We made dragon lanterns-

Camilla thinks they are to dance with.
Listen closely and you can hear our cool chinese music in the background.
A nice college roomate gave me some when her twin sister was serving a mission- chinese speaking.
It never fails to make me happy.

Egg carton dragon (we're working on a name for him- any suggestions?) was the favorite.
I have never seen camilla be so careful and accurate with her glueing.

Most of our chinese writing looked nothing like writing- but both kids thought it was fun.
this one says Camilla.

and it was cami's idea to have "wEALLY bIg DRAGON TREE"
(I will take credit for that lovely artwork)

The day was finished with bell ringing to scare away Nain- some scarey monster
(usually played by Spencer- he always gets to be the monster)
and we ate crock pot orange chicken
thanks to crystal's recipe.

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